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Welcome To Jules' Aquatics

Our Team.

Welcome to Jules' Aquatics: Our Exceptional Team of Swim Instructors and Lifeguards


I used Jules Aquatics for private lessons for my 2 year old and 5 year old and was very happy with everything. Dealing with Jules was a pleasure and she made everything easy from arranging the lessons, having the instructor come to us, adjusting lessons based on how each child was doing. The instructors were wonderful with the kids and were engaging and well trained in dealing with different ages and skill levels. I highly recommend Jules’ aquatics and can’t wait to use them again.

S.V. Rye, NY

Young mother teach her little son, how to swim in a swimming pool.jpg

What is Jules' Aquatics?

Are you looking for a different approach to swim instruction?


 Jules' Aquatics is the swim lesson equivalent of hiding spinach in brownies. Swim lessons always include music, toys and lots of imagination to make it fun and engaging for babies, toddlers, and kids.  We work with each family to develop a swim lesson plan tailored to your child's goals: water safety, stroke development, or just getting comfortable in the pool.



What makes us different?

Jules' Aquatics incorporates research-backed nursing techniques to make kids feel comfortable in the water. Our instructors are classically trained to provide high quality, red cross approved swim lessons and have additional training in the Jules' aquatics method. This means they provide high quality swim lessons to timid swimmers and confident swimmers alike. 

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