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Engaging swim lessons

Teaching through play

Sample swim lesson

This is a sample swim lesson for a 3-6 year old learn-to-swim lesson

Warm up

Animal walk- how many animals can you put into the pool? Hop, slither, slide, jump, crawl into the pool like your favorite animals. 


Play detective- can you identify where the deep end begins? Mark the deep end with a rubber duck inside and outside the pool

Upper body

Sun salutation- practice waving at the sun, then extending arms to the bottom of the pool      

Lower body

World’s greatest splash- use straight leg kicks to splash your instructor

Breath work

Bubble break- catch your breath! Take a pause, sit on the steps and blow bubbles. Practice using bubble-blowing muscles

Closing activity

Aquaman/mermaid rescue- practice what you learned today and move around the pool to rescue hidden toys

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